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Install Facejar - the virtual "swear jar" that turns beard rubs and nose itches during video meetings into money for masks, gloves and gowns for those fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Install Facejar

Facejar uses a custom snap cam lens to register and count face touching during Zoom, Twitch, Skype and other video meetings. Follow these steps to install.


Download and install Snap Cam here


Search “Facejar”


Click to activate lens


Connect Snap Cam to: Google HangoutsGoogle MeetZoomSkypeWebExTwitchMicrosoft TeamsSlack

Where does the money go?

Your donations will go to #GetUsPPE, a grassroots organization dedicated to getting personal protective equipment to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make A Donation

What else can I do?

Stay home. Take advice from trained medical professionals. Don’t believe everything you read online. Donate any unused masks, gloves or gowns to #GetUsPPE. Please. Stay home.

Spread the word. Not the germ.